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How To Pose 101

We all have faced this problem while getting clicked by photographer and that is "How or What to pose" while getting clicked? So we have come up with the guide and tips to help you out so next time you don't get stuck or blank while your friend is clicking your portraits. Here you go.

These are the key points to remember while posing.

1) Create as many lines you can from your limbs and body parts.

2) Have a straight posture of your back.

3) Use your clothes and surroundings as a prop.

4) Keep an eye contact with camera. More you look into camera more picture will be connecting to audience.

5) For expressions you need to practice to express different emotions through your eyes. You can squint your eyes while looking at the camera in the beginning but variations of your expression will stand out your profile from others



Let's see all these points in pictures.

Thank you so much for giving your time. We hope you get an idea for the posing. You can read this article few minutes before the shoot and you can get the better results.

Try this and share your results with us and tag us on Instagram .

In frame Talent Robin Singh. You can follow him on Instagram by clicking on his name.

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